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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Danandmarsh Has Started Walking

We've been trying to walk every evening. We try to go a little farther each night. Night before last we walked 1 mile. Last night we took it farther. After we got back we got in the car and drove our route to see if we had gotten to 2 miles. Nope, just missed it by 1/2 of a block.
On the way back(from our turn around), I decided to count how many steps it took us to get back. Figuring just shy of 1 mile it took 1200 steps, this is counting every time my left foot went forward. Wow.

Tonight we are going to take it to where we now know exactly one mile is, turn around and come back, giving us 2 miles. We will also time it..

Dan is in the National Guard and cannot pass his PT(physical training)to save his soul. It's the run that is the hardest for him. He is getting ready to retire in April or August of 2009 but has to reinlist for the minimum 6 months in February to make his retirement, if he can't pass his PT test there is a strong possibity he will be put out and will lose his chance at a full retirement!

You know the old saying, "so close but so far," or how 'bout, "to close for comfort"


valmg said...

I hope you make the 2 miles. Good luck to Dan on the training for the test!