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Monday, August 4, 2008

Hot Air Balloon Ride, Do You Dare

Myself I would be pretty skeptical about riding on a hot air ballon. I received an email from my brother in Illinios. He told me that him and Diane(his wife)went on a hot air balloon ride. I couldn't believe it, I told him that I knew it wasn't Diane's idea. In another email he told me that actually it was her idea.
They had booked a flight with We Do Fly.

Here is a quote from their "trip."
"As soon as we got down, I told Diane I wanted to go again. It was SUPER. Just like floating in the air, which we were (lol). We slowly went up and slowly came down. Landing was almost picture perfect. After missing his first attempt he brought it down on a grassy strip that was about 50 yards wide between two corn fields. Took out about 8 or 10 rows of corn about 4 feet wide which they were able to stand most of it up. Lots of pictures. Most of scenery that looks the same all over. We met in Lake Geneva, they drove us to a small airport in Burlington. The wind took us just about straight south to Genoa City. We were as low as just over the tree tops to as high as 2000-3000 feet. It was a little pricey for the actual ride of about 45 minutes. If you could swing it I am sure you and Dan would love it. There has got to be other companies that do this. Do the Google search. It is no worse than a merry-go-round ride."

This was done in Wisconsin. They look pretty at ease up there I guess.
Well I guess it would be neat to do after all!