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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Dating Site to Danandmarsh

As some of you may already know Dan and I met on a dating site on May 29 2005. We talked for 6 months before we even met. Yes we fell in love online. While I always preached to my kids on how this was a no-no, it turned out to be such a yes-yes for me. I was just looking, honest!! I came across his profile picture it jumped out at me and said, "pick me, pick me," I talked to his picture and said, "no I am just looking."
Finally after a few days I sent him a "hi," wink, ice break I think is what it was. A week went by and bingo, it went from there.
We met for the first time Decemberr 3rd, 2005 when he returned from Iraq. Oh did I fail to mention I moved into his house Sept. 2005. Whoooooaa! Boy was I taking some chances. Being a staff sargent in the Army and seeing him online I thought he seemed to be like snobish, like I am better than you kind. Boy after meeting him I was never so wrong about that, he was/is the complete opposite. So down to earth its something else. Funnier than crap sometime. I don't know you would just have to meet him to know what I am talking about.
Well we got married August 26, 2006. We are so happy together.