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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Title should be Marsh in Oz

The reason I should say this blog should be "Marsh in Oz" is because I really think that fate is what brought me here to Kansas.
When I was very young living on a farm in Woodstock Illinios I dreamt of tornados constantly. These tornados never touched down in my dreams. Later on in years these dreams still occured quite frequently.
Finally as an adult I landed in a bad marriage, blah, blah which brought me here to Kansas in July of 1990. Wow, I saw my real tornado about 8 months of moving here! It was so unreal, people weren't taking cover or anything. I thought these people were nuts! My four children were all taking cover! I had the fear there but then yet it wasn't.
Years went by, and oh yes there were tornado warnings in our county all the time. I bought my first home in 1997 in another county still tornados around but yet never any tornados in my town. One night a few years later I had a dream and this tornado touched down!! First time(remember all other dreams they never touched down) one has touched down in my dream. There was like houses and the tornado scurried through but did not hurt the houses. Guess what, here it is 9 years later and I still haven't dreamt of a tornados.
This is why I feel living in Kansas is my fate. My dreams were telling me I was going to live someday where there are alot of tornados, Kansas. Maybe 9 years ago I felt contend enough here to have that last dream. Guess what I still haven't found the yellow brick road, actually I still haven't seen Dorothy or ToTo.
Yes Kansas is my home now.
More about me and my life in Kansas later.