The Price Of Meat Nowadays! ~ danandmarsh In Oz

Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Price Of Meat Nowadays!

Being raised "german" I grew up with many german dishes. Saurkraut, blood sausage, blood pudding, beef tongue, pickled fig feet and my personal favorite, pig foot soup.

After we moved to a our new area we went out to find a "decent" place to eat. We like mexican food so we stopped there and low and behold they had pig feet soup! Of course with the new inflated price of $6.95 a bowl. Still not a bad price for a trip back in time. Yes it was very good, pigs foot came complete with toe nails, LOL!

So after dicussing with my caring wife she said she would fix some. Off to the store we went only to find that nowadays pig feet(trimmed) and back bone scrap is selling for $1.69 a pound. Needless to say we didn't buy any.